Risk Explorer International succesfully enters the USA

Risk Explorer International provides innovative risk and insurance management software for professional insurance brokers. The SaaS solution (called Risk Explorer®) aims to improve, simplify and accelerate the traditional risk and insurance process. The company is active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. However, as of August 1 the company has also welcomed its first customer in the United States. Behind the scenes, Risk Explorer International is building on further international expansion.

What happens in the Netherlands happens worldwide
Discussions have been underway for some time now with various international insurance brokers. In many countries, people are less familiar with risk and insurance management software.
”What is happening in the Netherlands is happening worldwide,” says Ewout Strijker, founder of Risk Explorer International and CEO of the company. ‘The flawless mapping and monitoring of developments within the risk profile of end customers requires structure and therefore innovative technology. This applies not only to the Netherlands, but also abroad. In fact, before developing the software we searched for existing models worldwide. Since we could not find any, we started to build it ourselves. Due to the scarcity of risk and insurance management software worldwide, there are unprecedented opportunities for our company.”

The ‘Transatlantic Step’
The 3.0 version of Risk Explorer® is specifically designed for customization and international expansion. Every foreign version of the software is first made ‘country-proof’, so that the software seamlessly connects to local laws/regulations and the local insurance structure and culture.
Robin Strijker, co-owner and International Sales Manager at Risk Explorer International: “It’s great to be taking the first step ‘across the pond’. Last year we got in touch with some high end brokers. I wanted to show them our SaaS solution. After that, it went quickly. It was a fantastic process. They were immediately convinced of the technological advantages we offer in the integrated risk and insurance process. We are proud to have been able to take this step. I ‘feel it in my bones’ that more clients will follow here.”

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