About Risk Explorer International

Risk Explorer International has developed risk and insurance management software for professional insurance brokers under the name RXP TOOL™

To help professional insurance brokers to carry out their profession better, easier and more successfully.

Risk and insurance advice can no longer ‘just’ be memorized or ‘off the cuff’. Risk management requires structure and overview. We believe in the craftsmanship of the advisor and want to help put this craftmanship in an innovative way of working by adding technology to the customer management process. This increases the ‘advisory-power’. We continue to believe in the power of the personal relationship between the client and his or her advisor.

About us 
RXP TOOL™ was created in 2007 by Ewout Strijker and the business was officially founded on July 9, 2013.

The management of the company consists of highly experienced entrepreneurs from the insurance industry. Together they have more than 100 years of experience in advising (medium) large (inter) national companies in the field of corporate risks and human capital. They have been able to transform their knowledge, expertise and experience into intelligent risk and insurance management software.

Risk Explorer International has a business model based on revenue incomes from user licenses, customization and training.

our team

Ewout Strijker
Founder / Director

ton van herwaarden

robin drenth

Robin Strijker

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